Corruption and Sexual Violence in Sports

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Activity Overview

Read the article together. The original link has a lot of ads, so you can read the text below.  Share your thoughts about each tip and  write down any new vocabulary and then record a general discussion. 

15 minutes: watch video

20 minutes: share and discuss 

15 minutes: record general discussion



Discussion Questions

1. How much do you think you know about sports?

2. Do you often watch sports games? DO you like it? If you see it, how often do you see it? What kind of sports do you like?

3. Do you have athlete friends?

4. How much do you know about the Olympic Games?

5. Have you ever seen in a news article that athletes were involved in corruption or sexually assaulted when they are having contest.

6. How did you feel when you saw such a news article?

7. What do you think about buying and selling grades or records with money?

8. What do you think about being sexually assaulted or sexually harassed because of poverty or family circumstances when you didn’t buy the records with money, but only by your own efforts?

9. If you have a secret that you can’t tell, will you hide it forever?

10. What do you think about athletes working so hard to compete and show you good results?