Cancel Culture

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Discussion Questions

  • What are some examples of people being canceled (in Korea and elsewhere)?
  • Which ones do you think were deserved?  Which ones were not?
  • Cancellation can be temporary or permanent and can range from ‘losing fans’ to going to jail’.  Other consequences include getting ‘deplatformed’,  losing a job, and social ostracism.  
  • What do you think is appropriate response to…
    • using racist or sexist language in private?
    • using racist or sexist language in public?
    • cheating, bullying, or serious misbehavior during high school?
    • DUI?  DUI and causing a serous accident?
    • taking drugs? selling drugs? (does which drug matter?)
    • engaging in prostitution?
    • other?
  • When this happens to famous people, it’s called being cancelled’. This happens in everyday life as well and can involve becoming an outcast or getting a ‘reputation’ for something deserved or not.
    Can you think of examples of this from your own experiences?
  • What are the positive and negative effects this can have on society?
  • Do you think cancel culture is healthy? What are some other ways you can hold people accountable for their actions?
  • When do you think someone should be canceled versus giving them another chance to prove that they learned from their mistake?
  • Do you think we can or should separate the art from the artist?  If the artist did something terrible, is it OK to still enjoy their art? Is it OK to listen to a Michael Jackson song, watch a Woodie Allen movie, or