Learning2gether Brainstorm - July 8 ,2012


Catching up on Summer Projects and Assorted Topics
July 8, 2012

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Chat Log

22:47Jeff Lebow: Hello Peggy
22:47Jose Rodriguez: Hey folks... good morning..
22:47Jose Rodriguez: or what time is it with you Jeff?
22:48unnamed: Got it. Thanks.
22:48Jose Rodriguez: I am getting my coffee ready :)
22:48Peggy George: Hi there! Just getting going here. Be with you in a couple minutes.
22:57Dan Bassill : Good morning Vance
22:59Dan Bassill : Since you guys are based in Korea I hope you'll visithttp://tutormentorconnection.ning.com/group/cktmc
22:59Jose Rodriguez: Peggy are you going to join us..
23:00Peggy George: Sure-I'll be right there. Really early to be on camera :-)
23:02Peggy George: Join is grayed out for me in hangout
23:02Peggy George: Hi Jose :-) Looking good!
23:06Jose Rodriguez: just use the link on Agenda
23:06Jeff Lebow: http://tappedin.org
23:07Jose Rodriguez: I used tapped in the early days here with L.A. County office of education.
23:08Peggy George: the join link in the hangout is grayed out for me so I guess I'll just listen :-)
23:08Jose Rodriguez: and then with EVO.. very cool
23:08Jose Rodriguez: you should still click on link
23:08Jose Rodriguez: I was highlighting it ..
23:09Peggy George: nothing happens
23:09Peggy George: I'll try again
23:10Peggy George: no luck-not clickable
23:10Peggy George: love the lower third addition!
23:11Dan Bassill : Hi Nell
3:112vance: Hi this is a good way to share the hangout
23:12Peggy George: Hi Nellie :-)
23:12vance: hi Peggy, Hi Nellie
23:12vance: room for two more in the hangout :-)
23:12Peggy George: Great to see you Vance! You've had a busy summer!
23:13Peggy George: I can't get into the hangout. :-(
23:14Peggy George: figured it out-have to agree to the statement there--:-)
23:14vance: that threw me for a minute too
23:15vance: We have coauthors of this article here: http://www.tesl-ej.org/wordpress/issues/volume16/ej61/ej61in/
23:15vance: and two people mentioned in the article
23:16Peggy George: I'm in the hangout but everything is loading really slowly--must be bandwidth. Don't want to leave and restart my browser though. I'll give it a try
23:49Jeff Lebow: http://real-english.com
0:03Jeff Lebow: Google blogsearch results for 'writingmatrix'http://bit.ly/MbSNUt
0:14Jeff Lebow: http://keepvid.com/
0:15Dan Bassill : Thank you all. This was a great learning experience.
0:26Jose Rodriguez: thanks.. great chatting with y'all