English SOS (Speaking Online Show) Part#3


Jeff Lebow's courageous Eng-317 students from Busan University of Foreign Studies experiment with possibilities for English Language Learning Webcasts. 

  • 한마음   홍윤정   Miss Han & YoonJeong
    Cooking class ! making KIMBAB 
    • 이시원, 안미나, 김소리, 김연주  Gloria, Mina, Serena, & Yeonju     "What would you like to do for Healing?"

    <More Information about “Healing”>
    (Healing Marketing)
    (What is Healing?)
    Healed by hobby http://www.bsart.or.kr/ (Busan Art Center)
    (The Federation of Artistic & Cultural Organization of Korea)
    with pictures of my own 
    Healed by food http://bit.ly/13L3WGr (gujulpan’s imiages)
    Healed by exercise
    (entertainers introducing “temple training”) 

    • 이선아  Claire
    • The topic is 'summer vacation's HONEY part- time job'

    I will introduce information about honey part-time job for student and my experience. Summer Honey part-time job means high pay, not difficult and  working in cool place.
    "How can i search honey part time job?
    What should i prepare for part time job?
    If you want to get a honey part-time job, you must listen the HELLO show.

    • 손혜진 HyeJin      
    • Jang Hanbit Sophie Park