Language Educators (Teachers)

Targeted mainly for English Language Teachers

New Job: GYM, Drama and Art teaching position in Nanshan,Shenzhen,up to 15000rmb / month, two days off /

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An excellent mordern training center at Nanshan, Shenzhen is looking for more foreign teachers to teach Drama, Gym or Art to join their growing and dynamic team as soon as possible.

This unique opportunity allows you to teach subjects rather than just English which is an excellent choice for those of you with additional related experience or talent in the above fields. In addition both native and non-native English speaking teachers shall be accepted
for this role.

New Job: Teach in Shanghai, up to 13000rmb per month, airfare allownance provided and up to 10K bonus!

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At this famous educational organization in Shanghai, they have 20 branch language centres in all areas of Shanghai. Their centres focus mainly on young learners aged from 3-15 years old. All teaching materials will be provided by the school. They are looking for qualified English teachers to join their established, professional team.

Candidates should be young, dynamic and love working with children; The successful candidate will come from an English speaking country .

New Job: Full-Time English Teachers Wanted in Beijing, Up to11,000 - 14,000/month, Work visa provided, C

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We are a private language school that holds classes mainly for
primary-school students, from grades one to six.The salary is up to
11000RMB to 14000RMB per month ,
Contract bonus after 1 year, Visareimbursement,Working Hours:5 days a
week, Saturday and Sunday are required class days. 3 other days are
office days, and one is free to choose which three one would like to work,
with the provision that Wednesday be one of them. We have our meetings
on Wednesdays.Our class sizes range from 5 to 16,and we hold these

New Job: Job 4371 Fantastic teaching opportunity teach in Taojin, Guangzhou. Up to 9500rmb per month, tw

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A new training center in Yuexiu district Guangzhou, now they are looking for a foreign teachers to join their established teaching team. Male teachers will be consider first.

Your working schedule are five days a week, two days off per week, you will have 25 teaching hours per week and 5-12 office hours in total. Training center students are age from 6-18 years old.

You will have two months probation with 8500rmb/month, after the probation your basic salary will be up to 9500RMB per month.

New Job: Teaching position in Futian, Shenzhen with a training center, 12000CNY, working visa sponsorshi

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An excellent academy at Futian, Shenzhen is looking for more foreign English teachers to join their growing and dynamic team.

The working schedule is 5 days a week, from Wednesday to Sunday With Monday and Tuesday days off per week and teaching younger students, ages from 3-6 years old.

The exact teaching schedule are as follows

New Job: American teacher needed in Songyuan,Jilin province, up to 10000rmb / month,flight allowance and

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A branch of Meihua Chirldren English in Songyuan ,Jilin province , they are looking for teacher from American to join their profession team immediately.

There is a training center with students age from 3-12 years old with basic English level, the students are lovely and fond of learning, you may enjoy the time with the kids when you teaching in such a fantastic training canter .

New Job: Teach in International training center in Nanshan, Shenzhen,11500RMB / Month,25 teaching hours

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International tranining center in Nanshan district, Shenzhen, Up to 11500RMB per Month, monthly bonus 1000rmb, housing allowance 1500rmb, half visa allowance and 10000-12500RMB Bonus a Year contract.

The tranining school is a fantastic center located in Nanshan district, Shenzhen and offers a fantastic environment for teachers and students. Class sizes are small and the students level of English is good. You'll find you'll quickly be able to have a conversation in your lessons and thus making this school a really rewarding place to work as well.

New Job: Teach in Hebei Jiaxian No.1 high school, 7000CNY per month, shared apartment, F visa, start in

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A new high school in Henan province, Jiaxian city is looking for native English teachers to start in September . Students are age from 16-19 years old.

The salary is 7000rmb per month, business visa and shared accommodation are provided. Moreove school will provided you 4000RMB flight allowance after you accomplished your one year contract.

Teaching hour is less than 20 hours per week, Weekends off per week.

New Job: Teach in Tianhe Nurseryd, 12000CNY per month, start immediately, process working visa, flight t

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Guangzhou, a beautiful city, beautiful scenery and abundant tourism resources, tourist attractions more than 100, one of eight in the new Guangzhou Baiyun Mountain, Pearl River Night Cruise, Yuexiu Hill...

A lovely kindergarten in Guangzhou Gangding is looking for 3 full time teachers to enjoin their warm and fantastic team. The location is in Tianhe area near metro line 3.

New Job: New teaching position in Benxi city, up to 8000CNY per month + legal Z visa, 1400USD flight all

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Benxi in Liaoning Province is located in the southeastern territory of continuous mountains, rivers, China, a beautiful, rich tourism resources, there are mountains, rivers, springs, forests, lakes, holes, and the ancient city ruins such as the human landscape.

Benxi wonders of the world's water tunnel, the red Maple Leaf in February to spend more of Benxi Autumn visitors to make eye now begun to take shape national, provincial, municipal, county-level systems, such as tourism products. The annual Maple Leaf Festival to display the image of the Benxi travel.