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Earlier this year, as I contemplated the resurrection of this blog, I didn’t think I would have the bandwidth to post regularly until September, when we’ll get a full-time IT teacher. And I was right! ;)

And I’ll tell you one of the reasons why…other big writing projects! To name just one, I did manage to bang out the much-needed OpenSimulator how-to manual for schools many people and I have been talking about for a couple of years now.

They said it wouldn’t get done…they said it couldn’t get done…it [darn] near didn’t get done! ;)

Yet here it is, the “OpenSimulator: School Quick Start Guide.” Everything you need to know about getting your school started with 3D virtual worlds: OpenSimulator and Second Life!

 If you’re not in China, you can get it via Scribd (Scribd is blocked by The Great Firewall):

 Get the guide from Scribd

 Or you can get it right here:

 Download OpenSimulator: School Quick Start Guide!

And this is the .OAR (Opensimulator ARchive) file mentioned in the book, courtesy of ReactionGrid.

 Download the ReactionGrid .OAR

You’re welcome (in fact, encouraged) to post this PDF on your website, ning, blog, wiki, etc. It’d be appreciated if you would plug in this HTML for the Creative Commons license logo and text:
Creative Commons License
Colleague Alex Makosz and I will announce the e-book when we present our paper at the upcoming AACE ED-MEDIA Conference in Lisbon.
If you can’t get the book via this site or Scribd, try Alex’s site:

Join Us in 3D Education!

By the time you read this, you should be able to get it from Changchun American International School’s new website, which you should check out regardless because it’s pretty nifty:

OK, you didn’t ask, but here’s the story. For a while now, lots of folks…geeks, teachers, everybody… and I have been discussing that many schools out there would like to get started with 3D virtual worlds, OpenSimulator specifically, but they just don’t know how. OpenSimulator is being developed by volunteers and is still alpha software…no easy installation program, in other words…and the task was simply daunting even to IT teachers. Sometime after this year started, I got an offer to develop an online training course for 3D virtual worlds…but the deal fell through…and for about 15 minutes I was distraught. Then I realized with some (substantial!) rewriting I could finally produce the much-needed how-to manual. It’s meant quite a few nights and weekends over the past two months, but I think the time/effort will turn out to be worth it.