Cancel Culture

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  • What are some examples of people being canceled (in Korea and elsewhere)?
  • Which ones do you think were deserved?  Which ones were not?
  • Cancellation can be temporary or permanent and can range from ‘losing fans’ to going to jail’.  Other consequences include getting ‘deplatformed’,  losing a job, and social ostracism.  
  • What do you think is appropriate response to…
    • using racist or sexist language in private?
    • using racist or sexist language in public?
    • cheating, bullying, or serious misbehavior during high school?
    • DUI?  DUI and causing a serous accident?
    • taking drugs? selling drugs? (does which drug matter?)
    • engaging in prostitution?
    • other?
  • When this happens to famous people, it’s called being cancelled’. This happens in everyday life as well and can involve becoming an outcast or getting a ‘reputation’ for something deserved or not.
    Can you think of examples of this from your own experiences?
  • What are the positive and negative effects this can have on society?
  • Do you think cancel culture is healthy? What are some other ways you can hold people accountable for their actions?
  • When do you think someone should be canceled versus giving them another chance to prove that they learned from their mistake?
  • Do you think we can or should separate the art from the artist?  If the artist did something terrible, is it OK to still enjoy their art? Is it OK to listen to a Michael Jackson song, watch a Woodie Allen movie, or

Planet Money

This podcast makes learning about the economy fun.   Episodes last 20-25 minutes and usually focus on explaining the economics relating to something that's happening in the news.   Transcripts available for each episode. 

St. Patrick's Day 2021 - English Vocabulary with "GREEN"

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The Future of Plastic

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Search recent material (articles, podcast, news) discussing ways in which plastic will be used in the future to improve the current crisis. Be able to explain why plastic is causing a problem and what your stance is on the matter.

20 minutes: skim through other student’s material

30 minutes: introduce your discovery and summarize the important details


  1. What is your stance on the current plastic crisis?
  2. How much do you know about the situation?
  3. Do you have any interesting possible solutions in mind?
  4. What do you do to contribute to fixing this problem?
  5. How does this crisis affect us and our daily lives?


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Watch video and read articles about ‘Deepfake’.

Then discuss about it. Good or bad.


  • Have you ever watched ‘deepfake’ video before? What kind of video was that?
  • What is the advantage/disadvantage of it?
  • How could deepfake videos be used in art?
  • How could deepfake videos be used to create problems for individuals and/or society?
  • How should we regulate some ‘deepfake’ issues?

Corruption and Sexual Violence in Sports

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Read the article together. The original link has a lot of ads, so you can read the text below.  Share your thoughts about each tip and  write down any new vocabulary and then record a general discussion. 

15 minutes: watch video

20 minutes: share and discuss 

15 minutes: record general discussion



1. How much do you think you know about sports?

2. Do you often watch sports games? DO you like it? If you see it, how often do you see it? What kind of sports do you like?

3. Do you have athlete friends?

4. How much do you know about the Olympic Games?

5. Have you ever seen in a news article that athletes were involved in corruption or sexually assaulted when they are having contest.

6. How did you feel when you saw such a news article?

7. What do you think about buying and selling grades or records with money?

8. What do you think about being sexually assaulted or sexually harassed because of poverty or family circumstances when you didn’t buy the records with money, but only by your own efforts?

9. If you have a secret that you can’t tell, will you hide it forever?

10. What do you think about athletes working so hard to compete and show you good results?

How ‘iGen’ Is Different From Any Other Generation

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Read one of the articles, go over vocabulary, and discuss the discussion questions. 

  1. In what ways do you think your generation is different from previous generations?
  2. What don’t the older generations understand about your generation?
  3. What bothers, confuses, and/or frustrates you about older generations?
  4. How do attitudes differ about:  work, play,  love, money?
  5. What are the key national and global events that have shaped your generation?
  6. What skills do you have that they don’t and vica versa?
  7. In what ways do you envy previous generations? In what ways do you feel bad for them?
  8. What message of gratitude and/or scolding would you give to earlier generations?
  9. When have you experienced a ‘generation gap’ with friends or family?
  10. What are your earliest memories of using a computer, smartphone, and other tech?
  11. On average, how much time do you spend on your phone in a day? a year?
    What would you be doing with that time if you weren’t on your phone?
  12. How many texts did you send yesterday?
  13. How much do you check and care about the sns feedback you get?
  14. How much would someone have to pay you to NOT use any electronic device for a month?
  15. How does screen time affect your mood or health?
  16. Have you (or anyone you know) experienced digital addiction?
  17. How, if at all, do you think iGen men and women use their phones differently?
  18. Do you think that the rise in mental health issues is caused by smartphones? Why or why not?
  19. Does this article also apply to the  Millenials and iGens in South Korea? How so and/or why not?
  20. Do you agree that iGen is less optimistic, independent and self-confident than the previous generations?  If so, why is that?
  21. Why do you think iGen’ers go to college to get a job rather than to get an “education”?
  22. Do you think a university education is worth the time and money?
  23.  Is Individualism different from being selfish? How so?
  24. How can iGen’ers help older generations adapt to the modern world (e.g. fast food kiosks)
  25. What does iGen growing up slowly have to do with spending their entire adolescence with smartphones?  Other than smartphones, what factors have shaped iGen?
  26. Why is iGen more interested in safety and tolerance than other generations?
  27. Do you agree that your upbringing has been more protected and slow to approach adulthood?
  28. How does iGen's knowledge of, and experience with smartphones and technology give an advantage over other generations?
  29. If the tech advances have made today's kids less happy, what would be the proper solution?
  30. Do you prefer to drive yourself or have someone be your ‘chauffeur’? 
  31.  How do you and your parents define or measure happiness differently?
  32. Why does our generations want a good job when we graduate from college? Didn’t previous generations also want to get good jobs?
  33. How will future generations will be defined? Will they continue to be less independent and happy? 
  34.  In what ways are iGen’ers more (or less) connected socially and globally?