English SOS Webcast

Event Date/Time: 
Mon, 2013-06-17 11:00 to 13:00
English SOS   (Speaking Online Show)
An experiment in streaming live, interactive webcasts for English language learners. 
Brought to you by Jeff Lebow's courageous ENG317 students at Busan University of Foreign Studies. 
We will be streaming live at the following Korean times
  • Monday, June 17, 8pm~10pm
        (Global Times: http://bit.ly/16VGUkS)
  • Thursday, June 20 10am~noon
        (Global Times: http://bit.ly/19Wrqf5)
  • Thursday June 20 2:30pm~4pm
        (Global Times: http://bit.ly/17B9Iyw)
Everyone is welcome to tune in live at http://englishbridges.net/live . Viewers can post comments and ask questions in the text chat room to the right. 
Below are details about show segments.  Stay tuned for updates. 
Monday, June 17, 8pm~10pm
  • 한마음   홍윤정    "cooking class ! 
  • making KIMBAB 
  • 안민선,
  • 이시원, 안미나, 김소리, 김연주
  • "What would you like to do for Healing?"
  • 이선아
  • "'summer vacation's HONEY part- time job'
  • 손혜진,,ENG317-3,                
  • Introducing the speech club, Toastmasters
  • 방아름
  • TV show ' 아빠 어디가 ' ( where is going dad?)
  • Jang Hanbit Sophie Park  - Chinese Astrology