Vance Stevens hosts EVO MultiMOOC HANGOUT and stream

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This Sunday Vance Stevens planned to host a live online session to explain in greater detail how to get started with Google Reader, as described in this blog post:


You could use this technique to follow student blogs or blogs from any group or individual you wish to follow.  I had offered to help participants set up their Google Readers hands-on to find all the posts in blogs that have been written to reflect on certain EVO sessions.  But the participant mix took the conversation into other directions.


Session recording

Here are the text chat windows we embedded to provide a backchannel to the live stream

We encountered a problem through choice of  After 8 participants had joined the chat it would allow no more (and we were relying on that chat to disseminate the Hangout link on the fly).  We didn't realize until 15 min. into the program that people could hear the stream but couldn't communicate with us or figure out how to join the hangout, but eventually stragglers made it in and informed us, so tweeted the Hangout link and put it up at and created the second TitanPad text chat below.


Plan B Text Chat

Significance of the event

There is another very interesting aspect of the session this Sunday.  It was the first time I conducted such an event in a Hangout On Air, and streamed the video at

The procedure is explained in the video show below, direct link to the video:


This procedure overcomes two limitations of hangouts. One limitation is that you can only have 10 in a Hangout at a time.  The other is that it's hard to tell people where you'll be hanging out because hangouts are designed to be found through your circles and other social features of Google + so there is no URL to give out until the Hangout actually starts.  Thus, many Hangouts are announced, but participants can't enter because there are ten there already, and the participants are left standing outside a locked door, which is not colleaguial. overcomes both these problems.  First, I can embed an Etherpad clone chat there where anyone can interact.  I can put the hangout URL there and others can click on it and join the chat, or if you are having problems you can get help in the chat (in practice we ran up against the 8 participant limit in, which we will avoid for this purpose in future).  Secondly, since the YouTube embed that lets you play the recording later HAPPENS to stream the event while it's in session, then anyone can visit the URL where that link is embedded and listen to the stream.  So if the Hangout is full, hundreds more can listen in and interact in the Titanpad chat (thousands? tens? no idea actually). We can also announce on the stream when places become available in the Hangout and participants in the Hangout can be rotated in and out that way.

So one purpose of the session will be to Learn2gether about Google Reader how to follow class sets of blogs. But in so doing we'll see how to stream a Hangout so it can reach beyond just the ten in the hangout itself.  

Testing prior to the actual event

I tested this at around 1300 GMT with Kalyan Chattopadhyay.

It worked fine as you can see from this recording

(sorry for messing around setting up, but I was checking on other computers that the stream was being broadcast, when Kalyan responded to my call to verify that it was being broadcast worldwide )

Learning how to do this

This is the video in which Jeff Lebow coached me on learning this technique.  It can be found also here:


Links Mentioned:


Holly Dilatush graciously agreed to share her comments here which she posted to Google + as we were meeting together.  It seems she was having F.U.N.

I just heard Jeff's Sae-hey-bok-mahn-ee-pah-deu-sey-yo! (or something close!) i will never forget that expression = Happy New Year in Korean!  Happy New Year, all! 

I use the exercise balls, too... great idea for non-squeak!  [I'm typing more notes as I listen!]  Fun, fun, f.u.n.! 

So much fun to see you all!  

[EVO_Drama_2013 is rather quiet, too, though it's picking up a lot today for some reason]

I haven't signed up for kubbu = too many things to keep track of and testing my ability to say "No." (or at least, "Not now").  Every new post about it tempts me to go sign up and play, too.  But as of today I have not signed up.  

Interesting observation.... watching the hangout recording = we don't see who is talking... 

psychedelic flashes!  (Why?) Are there really colors flashing in her room? (not sure who that is).

Oh... listening to Rita talking about Webheads... yes, yes, yes!


Jeff:  Worldbridges  

"Learning is chaotic" (Vance) 

Vance was punished?!  No, no, no... come back, Vance!

How quickly we feel frustrated!  So many options!  Isn't it amazing that we are navigating all of these (or at least some of these) =  I used to give up but now keep trying most of the time = often without thinking twice. 

Podcasting = I do need to revisit this... was frustrated with this in the past.  Isn't it interesting what we choose to follow, why, and when/why we give up?  

Anyone know Blog Talk Radio ?  

"Can you hear me now?"  :D

Come to Paraguay!  

no more isolation!

Vance is back!

Stael (sp) = how to pronounce 

Nina lost in Google Hangout Toolbox?

free speech = debates = culture = discussion / "don't/can't" discuss culture 

English language = helps change the culure (interesting)

I'll put a plug in for everyone to check out process drama techniques as a way to enhance = check out EVO_Drama sessions

Vance's voice gone again!   and back again!


On WizIQ, it's advised to close Skype and any other programs that use microphone... if you are the one who started the class... so I wonder if this is what caused Vance's disconnects?  [But I do NOT know what I'm  talking about, do not understand the behind-the-scenes tech stuff! ...just passing along a possible tip?]

Trace Effects game = another I've passed on for now...  How do we keep up with all the things we attempt to keep up on.

OK... sorry guys, have to stop listening... but these hangouts on Air recordings make me feel less left out (won't make TESOL this year; didn't make TESOL last year, and miss seeing everyone in person; this is the next best thing!).

keep sharing the "cognitive surplus" (Nina)

Smiles to all,


Chat Logs


February 11, 2013

0:17Jeff Lebow: Welcome to the Plan B chat
0:22Laine Marshall: Great! It works!
0:23Laine Marshall: the sync in chat is full again and I can't get in, but no matter i am here now
0:24Laine Marshall: now Jeff has this chat for everyone
0:24Laine Marshall: everyone can hear it; no worries
0:28Laine Marshall: That is why I am Laine b/c people have so many ways to pronounce my "real" name Helaine.
0:32unnamedtest test
0:33Laine Marshall: Hey Claire! Hi
0:33Claire Bradin Siskin: test test
0:33Claire Bradin Siskin: hi i have been trying to get in all this time!
0:33Laine Marshall: I know - if you look in the note above this chat I explained what happened
0:34Laine Marshall: See my pink message in the main box
0:34Claire Bradin Siskin: can't find pink message
0:35Claire Bradin Siskin: above here it says "the ones below are recorded' so i assumed that the stuff under that was all recording stuff, not live
0:36Claire Bradin Siskin: i was in the session directlu on google +, but no one could hear or see me
0:36vance: trace effects
0:37Claire Bradin Siskin: trying to get into the stream now
0:38ElizabethA again: Strange - there are 2 sync-in, or is this bottom box something else??
0:38vance: hi, 2 more spaces in the hangout
0:38vance: I'll put the link here
0:38vance: it is here, at left
0:38Claire Bradin Siskin: downloading plugin now -- on newish laptop, so dont have it
0:38vance: can you hear the stream?
0:39Claire Bradin Siskin: yeah, i went there, said i need plugin, downloading now. i think i am hearing it from webheads inaction
0:39Claire Bradin Siskin: not to worry -- when i get to the strem, i'll close this pave
0:39Claire Bradin Siskin: page
0:40vance: it's working then
0:40Laine Marshall: Ok now I can chat in both
0:40vance: the only thing that bonked was
0:40Laine Marshall: two browser windows; got it
0:40Claire Bradin Siskin: we are in a hotel, so i'm using laptop where not everything is installed
0:41vance: maybe you should celebrate but if you get online we'l l make a screenshot
0:41ElizabethA again: I can hear great - feeling a bit peeping tom LOL
0:41vance: join us in the hangout :-)
0:42vance: 2 places
0:42Claire Bradin Siskin: still downloading plugin -- grrr!
0:42vance: no worries, enjoy the stream :-)
0:44ElizabethA again: well Claire - my google hangout doesn't work AT ALL on my computer, so I'm not even trying*
0:45Laine Marshall: Janet Barnstable 10:43 AM
0:46unnamedhere's the link with the pic
0:52Jeff Lebow: If anyone wants to join the hangout, but can't because it's full, let me know - I'll be glad to step out...
0:52Claire Bradin Siskin: no no jeff; we need you!
0:53ElizabethA again: Jeff - if it's of interest - I opened this site on my ipad, where it's asking me to sign in to "Jefflebow Etherpad"
0:53ElizabethA again: whereas on the computer it opened no prob
0:55Claire Bradin Siskin: weird
0:55Claire Bradin Siskin: see what vance makes us go through! :-) :-)
0:56Laine Marshall: Claire - do you want to enter the hangout? I will step out.. let me know also you Elizabeth -
0:57Jeff Lebow: interesting Elizabeth - I'm wondering if it's an IPad issue or a cache issue because it was private when I first posted it...
0:58Claire Bradin Siskin: ok hangout is full -- don't leave, jeff!
0:58Claire Bradin Siskin: is anyone planning to leave soon?
1:00Claire Bradin Siskin: no nina dont
1:01Laine Marshall: I tried to leave but I can't see m to get out of it!
1:01ElizabethA again: yep - refreshed - it's there now
1:02Jeff Lebow: good to know
1:03Jeff Lebow: Hello Lucy
1:03Jeff Lebow: There's space in the Hangout if you'd like to say hello -
1:03Laine Marshall: Jeff - I clicked on exit but i still see myself
1:04Laine Marshall: Help!
1:04Laine Marshall: OK I am gone - maybe there is a delay?
1:04Laine Marshall: nevermind - it's fine...
1:05Jeff Lebow: Help! I'm hanging out and can't get out :)
1:06Laine Marshall: Actually, believe it or not, I was looking at Stael and thought it was me!!!! Yikes I can't even tell myself from someone else!!!
1:06ElizabethA again: Point 1: Etherpad doesn't refresh on my ipad (saw the message on computer screen and refreshed)
1:07unnamedwe have two chats because one only allows 8
1:07Laine Marshall: Nina is correct - terminology can be important sometimes
1:08Laine Marshall: so EVO cannot be a MOOC and must be a MOOOOOO :)
1:08ElizabethA again: When I click on ttps:// it says "this hangout is over"
1:08ElizabethA again: That's trying to get in on ipad - hangout doesn't work on my computer
1:08Laine Marshall: it is probably set for one hour?
1:08ElizabethA again: long story!
1:08Laine Marshall: is that possible?
1:09Jeff Lebow: Hmmm - have you tried the link at the top of the note portion of this titanpad?
1:09Laine Marshall: Claire is in New York!! WOW Call me1
1:09ElizabethA again: Laine - absolutely definitely possible - no doubt abt it
1:10ElizabethA again: @Jeff - still says "this hangout is over"
1:11ElizabethA again: Am enjoying listening in - no prob :-)
1:12Jeff Lebow: how about if you go to Vance's G+ post at:
1:12Jeff Lebow: and try to join hangout there?
1:13ElizabethA again: OK - I'm doing messages on computer trying 2 get in on ipad
1:16ElizabethA again: End of story - on ipad google plus says Vance is hanging out with 7 ppl
1:16ElizabethA again: I say join hangout
1:16ElizabethA again: and it says "waiting for other to join
1:16ElizabethA again: BYE PPL
1:17ElizabethA again: others
1:17ElizabethA again: bey
1:17ElizabethA again: bye
1:19Laine Marshall: our Sunday sessions are always part learning new tech stuff and part pedagogy content


February 10, 2013

22:59Jeff: ah, just noticed that showtime is 1500Gmt - one more hour, yes?
23:27Vance: Hi Jeff, I tested it, all systems go
23:27Vance: about half an hour as per my recent tweet
23:28Vance: incidentally open a titanpad and read the delete policy statement
23:28Vance: that's why I decided to use
23:43RitaZ: hi, all
23:44unnamed: hi rita, about to get started
23:45Vance: sorry, just opened chat in new window
23:46Vance: hadn't written in my name
23:46Vance: ok, anyone here still?
23:47RitaZ: yep, ready to join you ;-)
23:47Vance: way cool, firing it up
23:53Vance: ok, please type your name in the chat
23:53Vance: I've embedded the stream
23:53Vance: and will start ow
23:53RitaZ: ok
23:54Vance: go
23:55caroll: hi
23:55Jeff: Looks and sounds good
23:55Vance: The link is there now, it should work
23:57Jeff: Google had a little something to do with it :)
23:57Vance: rita has joined

February 11, 2013

0:00Vance: can you all hear the stream?
0:07Laine Marshall: i was in here before but was not able to participate in the chat
0:08Vance: hi
0:08Laine Marshall: It said only 8 collaborators in the In Sync free version
0:08Laine Marshall: I logged out and back in again and now I see the chat
0:08Laine Marshall: there may be a limit to 8 people
0:08Laine Marshall: It said to me THIS NOTE IS FULL
0:08Laine Marshall: limit?
0:09Laine Marshall: Now I am OK.
0:09Laine Marshall: Limit of 8
0:09Vance: are you lin the stream?
0:09Laine Marshall: there may be many others trying to get in
0:09Laine Marshall: someone may have left this and so I got a spot
0:09Laine Marshall: they can hear it; they just cannot chat
0:09Laine Marshall: of course I know about the hangout
0:09Laine Marshall: just still eating
0:10Laine Marshall: fyi - everyone can hear it; it is only the chat for that is limited to 8
0:11Laine Marshall: @ Rita - Hi Rita!!! nice to see/hear you today!
0:12Vance: jeff is opening anohter text
0:12Vance: when he's done we can refresh
0:15Vance: REFRESH this page to see the second txt chat
0:17Laine Marshall: refreshed and it says" sign in to Jefflebow EtherPad"
0:17Laine Marshall: asks for email and password
0:18Laine Marshall: when one tries, it says no account
0:18Laine Marshall: does not matter for me since I am here, but
0:18unnamedHi, everyone, I changed my browser to IE and this chat shows up. I also changed computer,so I have a webcam as well.
0:18Laine Marshall: I am not sure for those who aretrying to get into the new pad
0:18unnamedI'm Chris Jones. How do I put my name in, so I'm not unnamed?
0:19Laine Marshall: @ Chris at the top is a box to enter your name and then pick the blue box and hit save
0:21Chris Jones: Thanks Laine.
0:21Vance: sorry about the limit
0:35ElizabethA: Hi better late than never?
0:36Chris Jones: Hi, Elizabeth. I'm still working on getting into the hangout.
0:39ElizabethA: thx 4 reply Chris LOL but what's that frame below (plan B) I wonder
0:40caroll: well, I am listening this in google+ but it was quite difficult for me
0:40caroll: too many windows for me lol
0:42Chris Jones: The screen below is blank for me, but it's supposed to be an alternate chat space if you can't get into this one.
0:43ElizabethA: BTW - I seem 2 be getting more response below
0:45ElizabethA: YEY - bravo Chris Jones :-)
0:52Chris Jones: In the hangout, I keep getting a message saying there's an unresponsive script. I think I'll close it and try to come back in.

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