Ten days in August: Learning2gether with iTDi Summer Intensive for Teachers

August is a great month for professional development, with iTDi following up on last year’s Flying High with iTDi

with a ten-day event featuring up to three presentations a day. This one was called Summer Intensive for Teachers and it started July 31, 2015 with the following event.

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Fri Jul 31 0800 UTC iTDi Summer Intensive webinars begin with Juan Uribe

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Session Title and Description

July 31st

8 am GMT


Juan Uribe  is a teacher trainer whose passion is studying & sharing how children learn languages affectively through play, games, storytelling, & puppeteering. He has been in an amazing journey visiting language schools for children around the world where he has both conducted teacher development programs as well as enchanted young audiences with Buddy the Frog. He writes a well-known blog called Children Learning English Affectively.

Special Preview Session

Being Affective Is Truly Effective!

Come learn how affective learning can engage and empower your students’ learning and your teaching. During this presentation we will explore how practical affective pedagogical practices can create nurturing mental models about student’s own learning, language uses, and their own linguistic competence. Join me in a journey with lots of play, imagination, and curiosity. Destination: language learning ownership.

Link to the recording of the class:http://itdipro.adobeconnect.com/p5wqnuizdr8/

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Sat Aug 1 1330 UTC Jason Levine, Chuck Sandy, Scott Thornbury at iTDi Summer Intensive webinars

Jason R. Levine & Chuck Sandy

Opening Session Chuck & Jason welcome you to the Summer Intensive with news, updates, and prizes for those attending the session live. Learn more about the course and  how to qualify for Certificates & Professional Development Credit from iTDi.pro

Scott Thornburyis a teacher and teacher educator, with over 30 years’ experience in English language teaching, and an MA from the University of Reading. He is currently Curriculum Coordinator of the MA TESOL program at The New School in New York. His previous experience includes teaching and teacher training in Egypt, UK, Spain (where he lives), and in his native New Zealand. His writing credits include several award-winning books for teachers on language and methodology, as well as authoring a number of papers and book chapters on language and language teaching. Scott  is series editor for theCambridge Handbooks for Teachers (CUP), co-founder of the dogme ELT group and an associate of the International Teacher Development Institute (iTDi). Finally, here’s a link to Scott’s Amazon site.

-Opening Plenary –

Correct Me If I’m Wrong

Based on the speaker’s own recent experience of ‘de-fossilizing’ his Spanish, a case is made for the key role that correction (including explicit negative feedback) plays in boosting student achievement and enhancing teacher effectiveness. In our well-intentioned efforts to promote authentic communication in the classroom we sometimes overlook the one component of classroom interaction that distinguishes it from other forms of interaction, and which makes it especially effective: i.e. corrective feedback. In this class we will look at different options for the form, frequency and timing of corrective feedback, with special reference to oral production, and discuss how these might impact on learning.

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Sun Aug 2 iTDi Summer Intensive webinar with Barbara Hoskins Sakamoto

Barbara Hoskins Sakamoto is a Director of the  International Teacher Development Institute and co-author of the iTDi’s online course, English for Teachers. Barbara is also co-author of one of the world’s best-selling English courses for children, Let’s Go (OUP). She has taught ESL in the US and EFL in Japan, and has conducted teacher training workshops around the world. She blogs at Teaching Village and Teaching Children English.

Teaching for the 21st century, and beyond

What are 21st century skills, really? And, do they have any place in language class, where time is limited and the focus is on learning English?  Fifteen years into the new century, researchers have had time to look at innovative teaching practices around the globe to identify those approaches make the greatest impact in preparing our students for life in the 21st century, and beyond. In this session we’ll look at teaching techniques that will help your learners become strong English users and also critical and creative thinkers. By making every moment of class time count, you can help your students succeed – whatever their future holds.

Link to the recording of the class:http://itdipro.adobeconnect.com/p4q7cpigt8f/

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Sun Aug 2 iTDi Summer Intensive webinar with Alexandra Chistyakova

Alexandra Chistyakova is an English teacher at the Physics faculty of Moscow State University, Russia. She also works as a freelance teacher giving one-to-one English lessons to the large range of learners: from preschoolers to senior adults. She’s always been engaged in the continuing professional development, taking teacher-training courses, studying specialized literature and taking part in ELT conferences and seminars. She received her CELTA at BKC-in, Moscow, in 2011. Her professional interests include: professional development, ELT methodology, teaching 1-2-1, and language course design.

A Journey into the World of ELT Methods

All aboard! Our hot air balloon is departing soon! We are going to take a nice ride across the vast world of ELT methods, looking at the most prominent and the most interesting ones from the height of our experience and knowledge. As we go from one method to another we will consider the benefits each approach can give and will pick up some practical ideas of how to make the most of the existing ELT methods in our classrooms.

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Mon Aug 3 iTDi Summer Intensive webinar with Barbi Bujtas

Barbi Bujtas is a freelance EFL instructor in Hungary. She has been teaching for 15 years in various teaching environments from one-to-one to high school, depending on local demands. Her professional interests are dogme, ICT, engagement, materials design, teachers’ communities.

Fake it till you Make it Do you know this huge gap between what your students want to say and what they can say in English? Nowadays technology allows you to create cool videos in which your students actually speak a level of English far beyond their actual stage in their interlanguage. They are based on their ideas and choices, which means an ownership of their learning, it also means a higher level of motivation and more effort than usual. The end product shows them a possible future self that can say what they want in English. This session shows you some examples and ideas of how to use ‘fake it till you make it’ video projects with young learners.

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Mon Aug 3 iTDi Summer Intensive webinar with Theodora Papapanagiotouis


Theodora Papapanagiotouis a teacher of EFL and DaF in Greece since 1992. She has worked  at various language schools in Thessaloniki with various levels and ages. In the past few years she has been taking part in conventions, webinars and online courses, trying to become a better teacher. Currently working as an educational consultant at Hyphen SA. She isthe author of Keep on Teaching and alsoblogs for iTDi. Find her on Twitter:@DoraPap72.

Be Different!  Are you bored with the traditional foreign language lesson? Tired of performing your lessons based on a course book? Have you ever thought of integrating your students’ personalities and interests in your teaching? In this presentation I am going to show you how my last year has been, trying out revolutionary methods in my classrooms, using the differentiated instruction approach and blended learning.

Link to the recording of the class: itdipro.adobeconnect.com/p3gh6yewu1a/

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