Jeff Lebow converges Hangout, Second Life, Elluminate, and WiZiQ for the EVO 2013 (Electronic Village Online) Mega-Launch

What is this about?

This is an annual EVO event where moderators for the EVO sessions listed at meet from noon GMT in Google Hangout to talk about their sessions and take questions from interested participants.  


Venue to be decided, Hangout and Elluminate:

Ten people at a time can be in a Hangout, but the event is streamed so that almost anyone can listen to the stream while it is being broadcast or later via the recording.  The stream can also be fed into Elluminate, where people can meet up or get help if they are having trouble with Google Hangout.

  • The stream URL or widget will appear at There is also a text chat there.  You can visit there now to see last year's example.
  • Anyone wishing to comment on the stream, or get help with Hangout can come to and use the text chat there, or visit for text and possibly voice chat.
  • The URL for the hangout will be available in those places and will be published here at launch time.




What we think will happen on Sunday

13:00 GMT, Jeff will start the hangout and we'll start posting it's URL wherever we can think of

13:30 (all times GMT) we'll start gathering in the Hangout for mic checks and whatnot

 - Jeff will set up the stream and we'll check that it works

 - Jeff will plant his audiobot in the Webheads Elluminate room so that the stream can be heard there

14:00 Jeff starts recording what's going on in the Hangout

 - Those in the hangout can interact with us via voice and video (or avatar if it's too early for that for you :-)

 - Those listening to the stream at can interact in text chat there

 - Those in Elluminate can hear the stream and interact in txt chat there, but the audiobot will have the mic

15:00 apprx we assess whether to continue in Hangout or move the show over to Elluminate

 - Jeff's audiobot in Elluminate will release the mic and feed what is happening there to the stream

 - Participants in Elluminate can interact in audio and txt chat

 - Those in the stream at can listen only but interact in text chat there

16:00 is Jeff's bedtime and Vance's dinnertime


Some caveats:

 - It might be best if all participants try to txt chat in the stream while the Hangout is in progress.  Txt chat in Elluminate is not visible to the stream chat and visa versa

 - If you are listening to the stream and then join the hangout or Elluminate room, mute the stream to avoid double audio

 - If planning to speak in the Hangout, please use a headset to avoid echo.  Jeff is a notorious audio stickler and will mute any echomongers :-) but you'll be invited to resolve the problem and return.

- It will be easier for Jeff to bring you into the Hangout if you will visit and bring up your profile

 - In order to help with planning, Jeff thinks "it would be lovely if mods could use the doc below to arrange a tentative speaking schedule"

And there is a screenshot at the bottom of this document showing how to activate your Google+ profile


All are welcome




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